Museum Visit

Explore Dallas County history from pre-history to present day!

Grades K-12
Students walk through history while learning about the people, stories and events that shaped the cities and towns that call Dallas County home. Pre-historic fossils, early settlement, law and politics, transportation, entertainment, medicine, immigration, religion, education, technology, sports, music and civil rights are just a few of the engaging themes students will explore at the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture.

Upon visiting the Museum, students will participate in many activities, including:

Museum Galleries – Four interactive galleries highlight the rich history of Dallas County through four theaters, 41 touch-screen computers and more than 1,000 artifacts, primary sources and photographs. Exciting items like early fossils, a mammoth tusk, a high wheel bicycle, Clyde Barrow’s gun and the first integrated circuit bring history to life. The Old Red Museum places Dallas County in the national stories of early settlement, immigration, the roaring 20’s, the Great Depression, World Wars and the technology boom.

Gallery Guide – Each student receives an interactive gallery guide to help make every Museum visit meaningful.

Children’s Education Center – A space specially designed for students of all ages, the Children’s Education Center offers unique hands-on activities, exhibits focusing on children in Dallas County over the years and twelve TEKS-based computer touch screens.

Discovery Carts – Theme-based discovery carts provide students with an opportunity to become Old Red detectives, play with historical toys and games, construct a Big “D” skyscraper or explore Old Red architecture.


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