What does the cost of rental include?    The rental fee includes the facility, with exclusive use of your area, plus table, chairs, and linen. Additional costs include security and parking. If you would like to host the parking, you may purchase parking vouchers to give to your guests to exit the garage. There is ample space for valet parking, if you prefer. Security may be included for events that take place before 5:00 pm, but please discuss this with our sales staff. After 5:00 pm, we require security personnel on the premises. The fee for evening security is $35.00 per hour, per guard, with a minimum of 2 guards.

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Where should my guests park?    A county-owned parking garage is located just beneath Old Red providing more than 1100 parking spaces. If you would like to host the parking, you may purchase parking vouchers to give to your guests to exit the garage. There is ample space for valet parking, if you prefer. 

The underground parking garage entrance is located at the corner of Houston St  & Commerce St (southwest corner of the building). Alternate entrance to the parking garage is located at the intersection of Elm St & Record St (north of Founder’s Plaza).

Do your guests need their hosted parking vouchers prior to entering the garage?  No, we will have those available for them at the reception, if you decide to host parking.

*Parking Garage is Dallas County owned & managed by ABM Parking, but is not affiliated with Old Red Museum. Any parking garage related issues can be directed to ABM Parking Management. 


Can you provide your own security guards or police officers?  No we are not able to do that.  Because we are historical building we are required to have our trained and keyed guards here.  Security fees are not included in the rental fees.


Does the Museum have vendor relationships with catering services and other vendors that must be used?    We retain a preferred catering list, but if you have someone that you would prefer to use, we would be happy to consider them. We require that all caters be fully licensed and insured. Please note that if you chose a caterer that is not on our approved list then an outside catering deposit will be required. 


What is the cost of renting space at the Museum?    Click here to view our pricing list. Call us to schedule your personal tour to view the available rental space.


Where should my vendors deliver equipment, food, decorations etc. for my event at the Museum?    Meters on Main Street will be hooded for vendor deliveries and drop off the day of the event. If you deliver the day before or after the event is scheduled, please be prepared to pay for meter access. Meter availability is not guaranteed for non day-of-event deliveries.

Make sure to get a parking pass from the Guest Services desk located in the lobby of Old Red. Place the pass in the dashboard of your delivery vehicle to avoid a parking ticket. The Old Red Museum is not responsible for ticketed vehicles.

Load in may occur through the doors on the Main Street side. Alternatively, there is a ramp on the Commerce Street side of the building. Items can also be wheeled from Main Street to the Commerce Street entrance. There is no parking on Commerce Street.

After unloading your equipment, all vehicles less than 7-ft. in height must move to the parking garage to allow room for other vendors.

Additional vendor or event staff may park in the George Allen Senior parking garage with the entrance located on Commerce and Houston. The Old Red Museum does not validate parking. In many cases, the event client will provide parking vouchers for his/her vendors. Guest Services can be reached at 214-745-1100.


How much is the deposit to reserve a date?  It is $1000 and can be paid by check, cash, credit card or debit card.  The deposit is non-refundable and is due with the signed contract packet.


Can our clients provide their own alcohol?  Yes you may bring in the alcohol prior to the event in bulk as long as it is served by your licensed and insured caterer.


Do you have a Sound System?  We have a very simple sound system that you are welcome to use.  The fee for this system is included in all rental fees.  Our sound system has an AV cord to play music from a laptop, tablet, or phone device.


Can you use candles in the building?  The only open flame we allow is the unity candle.  All other candles must be LED candles.


Is the Dance Floor included in the rental fee?  Unfortunately our dance floor is not included in the rental fee.  Since the dance floor is moveable and the position changes event to event, the rental fee for the dance floor is $150.